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      Velma loves to write and read Christian romances. Always on the lookout for a new setting or illustration, she includes her experience and travel history in her writings. As a teacher and Bible speaker as well as a writer, she communicates God’s love while drawing from her college and seminary education.

      Her interest in Christian romance began when she met and married her college sweetheart who kept her life an adventure as they moved from one place to another. Since he was a pastor, he fulfilled her calling of being a pastor’s wife. While raising three children, they lived in seventeen different areas including two European countries and four states.

      Today Velma lives in the Ozarks centrally located between her three children and nine grandchildren. There she continues to teach and minister through writing and teaching. Her favorite hobbies are reading Christian romances, travel, gardening, pets, and people.

Previous Publications

  • Managing Editor of Highlights of the European Baptist Convention

  • Articles and devotions published in Home Life Magazine

  • Weekly column "Between Parson and Pew" in Arkansas Baptist News magazine

  • Weekly column "Life Matters" in Examiner-Enterprise

  • Weekly column "Dewey news" in Examiner-Enterprise

  • Word and Way

  • Living with Preschoolers

  • Living with Children

  • Living with Teens

  • Open Windows

  • Church Administration

  • Mature Living

  • Baptist Standard

  • encounter!

  • Lifeway Christian Resources

  • Die Gemeinde

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